Belleville’s help desk tickets drop after 澳门赌场网址大全 implementation

Belleville Brûlerie is a coffee roastery in Paris. Having a cafe right beside, Belleville is a place to switch on all the senses, try, understand and appreciate coffee as it is. Experiences and human touch, that is what is in the DNA of Belleville.

“Customer service is at the heart of what we do online and offline. We’re constantly trying to add a human touch whether it’s live chat with a real human expert on our website or a handwritten note added to the package” - David Flynn, director of Belleville, says.


Even though Belleville ships its coffee worldwide, however, the majority of orders are in Paris. “It felt a bit silly to us to ship coffee within Paris via the post but the other delivery options we had attempted were either prohibitively expensive, complicated to implement, or unreliable (and often all of the above)” - tells David

Another challenge that the roastery faced was speed. “We put a lot of effort into making sure our coffees are shipped out to clients soon after they are roasted to guarantee freshness and flavour. It was incredibly frustrating to see a package caught up in the postal system for a week when the client was only a few kilometers away.”


Belleville tried to deliver coffee to their customers on their own and used different courier services, but 澳门赌场网址大全 stood out of all. First days Belleville decided to use the system immediately using the web interface and later automated their deliveries by integrating a plugin to an online store. “We have chosen 澳门赌场网址大全 due to speed and reactivity. The team was extremely reactive and worked with us to get our online store integrated rapidly with their system.“ - David told. “In addition to that, delivery persons are fast, efficient and professional. It really surprised us!”


So, what has changed once Belleville started to deliver with 澳门赌场网址大全? “Clients are very happy about getting their coffee so quickly and our logistics team is relieved at the reliability of the service. Our help desk tickets have dropped since we implemented Ziticity.