Usually a great rush before the biggest holidays of the year is a perfect time to enhance brand awareness 和 boost sales, 不是吗? This is why a well-thought-out plan 和 consistent communication during the pre-festive period are of critical importance. 尤其是小企业.

To quality showcase your business, you do not need to allocate a large budget for advertising. It would be enough to wisely use several free but highly effective tactics.

Workable strategies are the ones that have been already used 和 stood the test of time. Meanwhile, the most valuable advice is given by those who have already tried it. For this reason we talked to Giedre Gizaite - the founder of the e-shop „Pas Giedre“.

Žygimantas Gedvila


Giedre believes that proper care of both body 和 environment are equally important. 她强烈支持和鼓励澳门赌场网址大全消费. At her e-shop, you can find a variety of eco-friendly body 和 household care products. 

You will probably agree that such a business concept appeals to a broad audience in the modern world. 不过, the success of Giedre’s e-shop depends not only on a right approach, 丰富的种类, 或者是一个用户友好和易于浏览的网站. 

Our interviewee devotes a lot of attention to communication with the clients. Giedre is convinced that you can attract customers 和 win their loyalty without spending additional money on it. 惊人的结果可以实现 有目的地、持续地使用免费策略:

  • 了解并销售你的产品/服务的价值,
  • 关注忠诚客户,
  • 经常与客户保持联系;
  • 有效利用社交媒体.


The first piece of advice from Giedre - focus on the value of your product. 她说的价值并不是指价格. Value is the advantage that your client gets after purchasing your product. 在提供产品时, clearly communicate what benefits it provides 和 how it solves your clients’ problems.

是什么让这个产品如此独特? 如何让你的买家生活更舒适? These are the questions you must be able to answer instantly in the middle of the night. 客户想要信任你. So make it possible for them to rely on you by offering real value.

“人们花钱是为了体验,而不是道具. 向他们推销你所能提供的最好的体验。.


The second aspect that in Giedre’s opinion needs to be considered - loyal clients. 每个客户都是不同的和独特的. 

“Analyse your annual or quarterly reports 和 compile the list of people who dedicated time to your business, who bought the most of your products or visited your store the most frequently.  给他们 额外的关注. 你可以用多种方式来表达你的感激之情. 例如, send a dedicated newsletter with a discount code or treat them with a small gift,他是网上商店“Pas Giedre”的创始人.

澳门赌搏网站大全都喜欢得到个人的关注. 这些象征性的举动不会让你付出什么代价, 但可能会带来更好的信任, higher retention rates 和 new clients brought through sincere recommendations. 


According to Giedre, contact information of your clients is the biggest asset of your business. 想知道如何收集它? 让澳门赌搏网站大全看看. For instance, you can ask the audience to subscribe to your newsletter. 你可以在你的网站上建立一个表格,收集电子邮件. If you do not run a website, therefore, chat with customers on social media.

“Don’t be afraid of building connections on social media by messaging your clients directly. 你不会失去任何东西,也不需要付出任何代价. 但这可能对你的生意非常有利. You can approach a customer 和 ask for one’s email address by offering your newsletter. Additionally, you can provide a client with a symbolic discount for another purchase. 关心时事通讯, 用新产品的信息丰富他们, special offers or simply tell the stories about your activity. 不要忘记包含一些有趣但有用的内容, 例如, 关于当前或未来的趋势,”Giedre说.

Each of us has a very own 和 authentic history to tell the world. Make the client familiar with your story - this will help build strong relationships based on trust 和 loyalty. 当然,这也会促进销售.


Quite many small businesses begin their activities on social media. Only after some time, they decide to create a dedicated website. 有些人选择了另一种方式. Giedre thinks that both options are worth a go as every additional sales channel contributes to business growth 和 gathers a different group of potential customers.

For many years such social networks as Facebook or Instagram have been used not only for communication with friends but also for boosting sales. 所有最大的电商平台都可以 将你的网站与社交网络连接起来. 使用这种可能性.

“If the technical aspects cause you any trouble, do not hesitate to ask for help of specialists. 目的是吸引更多的客户从不同的渠道. 你做的越有效, the sooner you can enjoy new clients coming from both social media 和 Google search,“Giedre强调.


In case you run a physical store, do not forget to make it quickly found on the Internet. If your client wants to visit your shop 和 needs to immediately get your address, 它必须在几秒钟内找到它. 今天 时间是最重要的价值之一.

To be easily found on Google, take care of your “Google my business” account. 在这里,澳门赌搏网站大全分享一些有用的建议:

  • 确保你填好了表格中的所有字段,
  • 用一些高质量的照片脱颖而出,
  • use “Google my business” account to inform your customers about new offers or products,
  • provide additional information which could create value to your clients (例如, 目录, menu, 等.),
  • 鼓励你的客户离开评审.

评论增加可靠性. 根据"与谷歌一起思考"的调查结果, 88% of users trust the reviews written on the Internet as much as they trust personal recommendations given by their family or friends.

However, keep in mind that it is essential to not only ask for feedback, but also to react to it. Communicate with your clients, show that their experience 和 opinion matter to you. Even if the review is not as good as you expected, reply to it. 展示你是如何解决这个问题的. If the situation is delicate 和 requires special attention, contact your shopper directly.

每一个业务, 即使是最小的, 可以赢得无与伦比的声誉和许多满意的客户. The only thing you need to do - use every possibility you have. Giedre 和 her sustainable e-shop is a great example to get inspired. Know the purpose of your business, know the values 和 communicate about it to your customers.