澳门赌场网址大全 takes Nudist Drinks service to a new level

Evening chill. Pleasant company. Gourmet food. Oops. Your home bar has run dry? Not a problem at all. A courier will knock on your door with a bottle of exclusive beverages from Nudist Drinks as soon as possible and, notably, in one piece. Chin-chin!

Nudist is a modern winery and bar - a great find in enchanting Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. It is the place for those in search of a drink with an exclusive and intriguing aromatic profile. With the well-balanced and fundamentally natural inside.

The innovative winemaker cherishes healthy traditions along with a few wicked sins. To produce each of its drinks, Nudist Drinks uses only natural and unprocessed raw materials. As little sugar as possible. No concentrates and additives. Just fruits fermented (notably, NO grapes).

Simple, yet tasty and distinctive. Exclusive, yet popular and on-demand. And yes, you can have it delivered any time in Tallinn.

Direct contact and express deliveries

D2C deliveries have always been an important source of revenue for the Nudist. Thanks to 澳门赌场网址大全, Nudist has taken the service to a new level, and can now offer fast delivery service to its clients.

It became apparent to Nudist Drinks that they need to maintain a closer relationship directly with the clients. Even when it is the matter of kilometres separating the customers from the Nudist Drinks. It needs to be here at hand. This is when Nudist Express - a new one-day delivery option - had been introduced.

The same-day delivery service to clients purchasing Nudist drinks (including single bottles) from its e-shop is available since the end of March.

“No doubts, before going live with this delivery type, we needed to clear the delivery process. Single deliveries to several customers scattered across the city, it is something different, requiring more effective planning. So, the chain had to be closed with an effective delivery platform. Currently, for this part, we have a reliable ally - 澳门赌场网址大全,” reflects, Mihkel Männik, CEO of Nudist Drinks.

Several clicks and, for example, the first organic sparkling wine made in Estonia is already on the way to the customer’s place.

Delivery platform is more than a vendor

What matters to a client when deciding upon a delivery partner? Reliability, flexibility, speed and… easy integration into the entire ecosystem of the business. To name a few.

“Before getting in with 澳门赌场网址大全 we tried other delivery partners. However, we decided in favour of this provider mainly because of the speed and flexibility offered. It is important to us that couriers can be invited to pick up an order at any time,” reveals Director of Nudist Drinks Mihkel Männik.

Also, Nudist has highlighted a very convenient self-service system. Deliveries with 澳门赌场网址大全 could be automated just in several clicks and without the help of in-house engineers. This, in turn, saves on additional expenses.

“For Nudist, 澳门赌场网址大全 acts even not as a vendor, but more as an extension of our business. We are happy to see our packages reaching the clients as quickly as possible and in one piece,” says Männik.

Simple, convenient and reliable. Immediately appealing to customers. Under any circumstances - the first-class customer service is the backbone.

Why limit yourself when you can have your drinks hand-delivered to your front door? Enjoying a bundle of high-quality spirits has never been easier. Chin-chin!


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