澳门赌场网址大全 to deliver EUROVAISTINĖ non-prescription medicines

More and more people are shopping online during quarantine period. Eurovaistinė, the biggest pharmacy brand in Lithuania, sees the growing need of getting bought items as soon as possible. Reacting to such a trend, Eurovaistinė is the first in Lithuania to start same-day delivery. Once a person makes an order until 1 pm, his basket will be delivered on the same day. Even such service has its price, it immediately got attention among customers.

“Our customers will be able to get their orders not just during work days, but on Saturdays as well. It is important to us to give our customers a solution so that they could get their orders as quick. Everybody should get online ordered items at home on the same day. It is especially important when we speak about non-prescription medicine as it is needed here and now” - tells Justė Levčenkaitė, the director of “Azeta”, business that manages “Eurovaistinė” online.

澳门赌场网址大全 service was tried already the last week. “Eurovaistinė” online noticies that more new customers are choosing this type of delivery. “Even it is only a week we have such delivery option, we see that customers value it. One tenth of customers were choosing 澳门赌场网址大全 delivery on certain days. The ones who tried the service, they love it. Customers are happy to get their orders on the same day” - the director of “Eurovaistinė” online elaborates.

Laimonas Noreika, CEO of 澳门赌场网址大全, tells that we should see much more couriers delivering items in Vilnius as much more Vilnius citizens are choosing such service. “We dedicate a lot of attention to customer experience - receivers of deliveries are informed about estimated delivery time as well as they can track their order real-time on the map. We invite everyone to try this out and get their orders on the same day. We believe that such service will become a new market standard.”

This service is a novelty in the market. Up to now, none of pharmacies offered such a fast delivery. If a customer makes an order in EUROVAISTINĖ website until 1 pm, it will be delivered to him on the same day. It is very relevant at this moment as almost half of Eurovaistinė’s customers online are ordering non-prescription medicine.

After quarantine in Lithuania ends, Eurovaistinė plans to develop this service even more convenient to clients. Customers will be able to choose time interval when they want to get their order. Likewise, customers, that will use 澳门赌场网址大全 service, will be able to order delivery for the next day. Now same-day delivery is free of charge if a customer’s order in Eurovaistinė is 45 Eur or more. Regular price for such same-day delivery - 4.99 Eur.